Victor Kostrub - pastor, teacher and internationally recognized leadership expert and speaker, founder of “Effective Leadership”

Victor Kostroub

Victor is a pastor, teacher, internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, and founder of “Effective Leadership” – an organization working to help individuals transform the quality of their lives. 

In 1991, Victor immigrated from Ukraine to the US where 3 years later he founded the company “Fine Designs” together with the partner Yuli Opalchuk. Over the years, the company became a leader in its field and enters into 5,000 most fast-growing companies out of the 27 million companies in the United States.

This success can be traced back to founding and building a company based on biblical principles of management.

Courses by Victor Kostroub

This course is the ultimate guide on being a successful entrepreneur through the light of scripture. You will learn how to deal with your dreams, goals, feelings, and reactions to the behavior of others. You will explore the common pitfalls and, often forgotten, cornerstones of personal development
through constant changing yourself in God’s eyes.

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