Unleash Your Potential

This course is the ultimate guide on being a successful entrepreneur through the light of scripture.
You will learn how to deal with your dreams, goals, feelings, and reactions to the behavior of others.
You will explore the common pitfalls and, often forgotten, cornerstones of personal development
through constant changing yourself in God's eyes.

10 lessons

2 lessons per week

5 weeks

Course author: Victor Kostroub

This course is for you if:

You are passionate about starting your own business but can't put cons and pros together for making your decision.

You realize the importance of your personal development as a business person and a christian and desperate to build a strong foundation for it.

You need more information about the differentiation between needs and goals to stay on a chosen course. Also, you want to learn how to control your emotions and reactions.

You want to reinforce your importance, significance, and purpose for your family, community, and clients as a faithful business owner.

You want to learn how practically justify, love, and be meaningful for the people in your surroundings.

What topics you will learn on the course?

If you are a starter entrepreneur or a business owner for decades, this course will help you establish a strong foundation or revamp faded principles for your personal development as a faithful leader in your business environment. It is possible to be a person of God, a loving family member, and a carrying business owner. In this course, you will learn where to start to make changes to yourself so you will be truly successful.

Unleash your potential
When to Act

In this lesson, we will discuss how and when to begin to act on your dreams. Timing is essential in this process. Following the example of King David, you will begin to understand how to take the first step and how not to allow fear to hold you back.

Unleash your potential
Change Starts With Me

This lesson explains some of the common pitfalls encountered in personal development and how to overcome these issues. By seeing how God sees you and cutting off the negative self-talk, positive change will happen.

Unleash your potential
The Mirror of Your Heart

In this lesson, following the story of Gideon, we will discuss not being held down by limitations we’ve put on ourselves. The way we see ourselves is much more impactful than we realize. If God has called you to do something, then you are worthy and capable of the calling.

Unleash your potential
The Benefits of Testing

We will talk about the importance of having confidence in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will fail in many areas of your life. If God gives you the ability to do something, it’s your responsibility to do it; confidence will come.

Unleash your potential
Being in Control

We will discuss an often forgotten aspect of self-improvement, which is self-control. Emotions can be temporary and will often lie to you, but the truth is you always have a choice on how you react. By being in full control of yourself, you will learn how to stay on course.

Unleash your potential
The Need for Significance

We will discuss how to fight our instinct to avoid change. Because learning these truths is so integral to fulfilling your purpose. We need to have the courage to chase after our callings and not be complacent because each one of us has been given one by God.

Unleash your potential
The Need for Justice

We will discuss how to deal with our need for justice in hot situations practically. “Justice is mine, says the Lord;” however, it is easier said than done to show mercy in everyday life. By truly understanding your own need for forgiveness, you will be able to give it to others.

Unleash your potential
The Need for Meaning

We will talk about the deeper meaning behind our lives; how you'll be remembered when you’re gone? We will discuss character, internal orientation, and our conscience and how these three values all come together to build who you are as a person.

Unleash your potential
The Need for Love

You will learn the effects that come in your own life when you truly love others. Kindness and love are at the heart of what Jesus Christ teaches us. By serving others and loving people unselfishly and unconditionally, you will attract people into your life who will do the same for you.

Unleash your potential
The Need for Personal Growth

Change is impossible without action. The outcomes in your life depend on your actions. Have you ever wanted to change but felt powerless to do so? In this lesson, you will learn how to make hard decisions that will benefit you and stick with them. The change starts with you.

What is the learning process?


You will receive all the important information about the course after succesfull registration.

Time for study

You will be offered to study a series of three to four online lessons per week during the course period. After the course period, your access to the course materials will be withdrawn.

Flexible schedule

You can study the lessons’ materials at your own pace during the week.

Lesson content

Each lesson contains theoretical and practical blocks. The assignments aim to encourage students to express the learned material through their life experiences.


All the assignments and notes for each lesson are absolutely personalized for each student.

Academic performance

Students can monitor their performance and judge their academic standing. Even after finishing a course, students will have access to their personal notes.

The difference between
studying individually and in groups

One of the main features of studying in groups is that students facilitate virtual communication online. All the group meets on Zoom once a week for discussing the studied material, ask questions, and share their stories. The course mentor’s participation is the most valuable benefit in the course.

Group study

  • Unlimited access to materials
  • Flexible schedule
  • Well organized course flow
  • Practical implementation of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles
  • Real-life assignments for knowledge of the material
  • Ability to download private notes
  • Certificate about successful completion
  • Forum moderation by the course mentor
  • Direct communication with the course mentor
  • Live discussions in a group via Zoom
  • Final meeting with the course author


Individual study

  • Unlimited access to materials
  • Flexible schedule
  • Well organized course flow
  • Practical implementation of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles
  • Real-life assignments for knowledge of the material
  • Ability to download private notes
  • Certificate about successful completion
  • Forum moderation by the course mentor
  • Direct communication with the course mentor
  • Live discussions in a group via Zoom
  • Final meeting with the course author

Access to the introductory lesson will be granted on October 15. The rest of the lessons will be available after the first video conference.. The conferences with the mentor are the essential part of the course. You could ask the course-related questions.

Course Schedule

October 15 Beginning of the course. Video conference (getting to know the course and each other)

October 15  – 22 Lessons 1 – 2 (self-study)
October 22 Video conference for lessons 1 – 2

October 22  – 29 Lessons 3 – 4 (self-study)
October 29 Video conference for lessons 3 – 4

October 29 – November 5 Lessosns 5 – 6 (self-study)
November 5 Video conference for lessons 5 – 6

November 5  – 12 Lessons 7 – 8 (self-study)
November 12 Video conference for lessons 7 – 8

November 12  – 19 Lessons 9 – 10 (self-study)
November 19 Video conference for lessons 9 – 10

November 19  – 26 Lessons 11 – 12 (self-study)
November 26 Video conference for lessons 11 – 12

November 26 – December 3 Lessosns 13 – 14 (self-study)
December 3 Video conference for lessons 13 – 14

The conferences will be every Thursday

The time of meetings
  • 6:00 AM (Hawaii Daylight Time)
  • 8:00 AM (Alaska Daylight Time)
  • 9:00 AM (Pacific Daylight Time)
  • 9:00 AM (Mountain Standard Time)
  • 10:00 AM (Mountain Daylight Time)
  • 11:00 AM (Central Daylight Time)
  • 12:00 PM (Eastern Daylight Time)

London: 17:00
Berlin/Rome/Paris: 18:00
Tallin/Kyiv/JErusalem: 19:00
Moscow/Minsk: 19:00
Yekaterinburg: 21:00
Nur-Sultan (Astana): 22:00
Krasnoyarsk: 23:00
Irkutsk: Saturday 00:00
Yakutsk/Seoul: Saturday 1:00
Vladivostok: Saturday 2:00
Magadan: Saturday 3:00

All video meetings will take place using the Zoom service. You need to install the Zoom application on your device for participation.

Download Zoom

Subscription Methods

You can complete the course subscription via your credit or debit card or PayPal. Your payment will be processed by Sptripe. The charge will appera on your statement as 4SPIRIT ONLINE (when paid by cards) or 4SPIRIT- (when paid by PayPal)

Unleash your potential
Unleash your potential

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2. Studying in groups implies scheduled enrollment a few times per year.

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